KeyLoan is the complete Loan Management Solution

Handle daily loan operations, such loan application, loan drawdown, loan repayments, early redemption, generating related G/L entries, etc.

Configurable parameters for loan products, such as interest rates, various payment types, fee types and corresponding general ledgers for account posting.

A set of user definable codes, such as interest rate types, property types, etc. to facilitate loan application entry.

Special property projects or promotion plans for specific mortgage types to strengthen property selling and mortgage businesses.

Online real-time viewing application and loan information including repayment calculator, early redemption quotation, various operation and analysis reports.

Credit customers’ unknown payments, overpaid payments to a deposit account and allow installment settlement upon reaching certain amount or payment refund to customers. entry.

Register and centralize individual or company information, for instance, borrowers, guarantors, etc. for loan application and customer’s credit risk monitoring..

Define system administration parameters and set up user security control.

Manage properties and revaluate the value of properties regularly to ensure the loans with eligible LTV ratio.

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